Speaking of our spirit ...

R & G ROGRANIT GRALPE - Granitos, Lda.” is the result of the merge of “GRALPE, Lda.” (established since 1965) and “ROGRANIT, Lda.” (established since 1978), in 2008, both companies which were quite experienced in the branch of rock extraction.

Under the supervision of Filinto Moreira Monteiro, the director shareholder, this junction was performed in such a way as to conjugate ideals and methodologies each part stood by, with the intent to maintain the leading role each company played on the varied stages of the granite extraction, transformation and export.

So being, there was the maintenance of the very same values that have always oriented the steps taken, such as the extraction of material made at their own quarries, which are of the utmost quality, for both their distinctive colours and textures. To this element one can add the constant concern with the accuracy of products execution, as well as their due delivery following the established terms, both of which are decisive references for the conquest of a strong image that reflects the company spirit - one which is clearly shared by all the elements of the team, who in turn try to promote and strengthen it.

It is the intention of our invigorated company, with its site on line (www.rg-granitos.pt), to briefly introduce our structure and our branch of activity, namely to our first time visitors. To all and in our own language:

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